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Our real-time web sharing technology enables remote collaboration by showing others what you see in your web browser. A website visitor’s session can be shared with anyone (for instance, a company representative) without the need to install software, or even make any changes to the website.



Surfly is Simple

No configuration needed

You don’t need to configure Surfly; it works out of the box. Go to surfly.com and start a co-browsing session. Or you can add a button to your website and start co- browsing from there.


No learning curve

It’s no different to just browsing a web page, except that others can now see what you’re doing.


Works on any website

This includes cross-domain content, CSS pseudo selectors, Canvas, SVG and responsive websites. Whereas other services only provide partial support, with Surfly it just works; all without the need to make any changes to the website. We take care of all the complexities so you can focus on the interaction with your client.



Surfly is Fast

Plugin free

Our solution doesn’t need extra software to operate. All you need is a web browser.


Unique approach

We use an advanced content rewriting proxy. This not only results in instant screen updates but we also send over the original high quality content.


Video will work too

Surfly is optimized to co-browse video content as well. Watch a video together and you are fully in sync.



Surfly Is Safe

Encrypted connections

We use 256bit SSL encryption: The same kind of encryption your bank uses.


Isolated control

Only the person who controls the session has access to all the information. Others who join your session only get access to the content that they are allowed to see.


Privacy control

Companies that integrate Surfly can prevent content on their website from being shared.


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