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Category: Blog

Google Helpouts – even better with Surfly

Today Google released Helpouts, a new service that allows you to get in touch with real people who can help you through a Hangouts session. This sounds like a great new tool to make the web more social and collaborative. When introducing Helpouts, they say: ‘Helpouts makes getting remote help as easy as clicking a link.’ This is very […]

4 reasons to add cobrowsing to your customer service

Companies are increasingly using real-time help to improve their customer contact. To make sure you keep ahead of your competitors, you have to find new ways to delight and amaze your customers. Satisfaction ratings from a Forrester’s survey show that help via cobrowsing results in higher customer satisfaction (78%) than phone help (74%) or chat […]

Personalizing your customer contact

Research from LivePerson reveals that 87% of online consumers agree that they are likely to be loyal to a company that delivers a great online experience. More and more, companies are realizing that good customer service is key. Personalization can play an important role in improving customer contact. Here are a few ways to get […]

We’ve reached 100.000 sessions!

Today, we’ve reached a digital milestone. In the last 6 months you guys created more than 100.000 sessions! We’re happy to see people all over the world using Surfly for many different use cases. Read our press release on this milestone in English or Dutch.

Real-time web sharing in education

Surfly is a useful web sharing service for both teachers and students. Web sharing can be used in distance-learning programs and to support teachers in the classroom. Web sharing in distance learning With distance-learning programs, students and teachers do not have to be in the same classroom and they can communicate at their own pace. […]

Co-browsing API live

Our API is live! Now you can integrate our real-time co-browsing technology into your own product or website. Use cases for Surfly Surfly allows you to have a real-time look at a customer’s browser tab or to help clients purchase their favorite products, fill in forms, or solve service problems. With Surfly you’ll be able […]

Feature Friday: WebGL support

Having introduced support for PDF files, canvases and SVG programs, we now introduce support for the Web Graphics Library (WebGL). WebGL enables interactive 3D and 2D graphics. Now that Surfly supports this technology, you can use Surfly for even more sites! For example, use Google Maps simultaneously with your friends to pick out locations and […]

The nominees for the SXSW Accelerator 2014 [infographic]

Only a few more days and the South by Southwest Festival will start. As one of the finalists of the Accelerator competition, we’re very excited that we will be pitching Surfly on March 8. Out of more than 500 applications, only 48 startups were selected as finalists for the competition. We were wondering who these […]

Feature Friday – Share more than just the web

Surfly allows you to share more than just web pages. When you open images, text files or even PDF files directly this will now just work! PDF support can be really useful when sharing and discussing documents remotely with others. We already had support for these kind of files through online web based applications that […]

Previous finalists of the SXSW Accelerator [infographic]

As one of the finalists of the South by Southwest Accelerator, we are excited that we will be presenting Surfly this coming March in Austin. Not every year is a startup from the Netherlands nominated for this event… or perhaps it is? There seemed to be no clear list of all the previous finalists, so […]